Digitel Subscriber is charged 5% per volume of transaction
Digitel Normal SIM Card is sold at 500 SSP
Simply dial *225*Amount in SSP* Digitel phone Number *Confirm same Digitel number # and then send. A delivery notification usually occurs to both party A and Party B indicating the success or failure of using Digitel Credit Transfer Service.
DIGITEL SIM cards are categorized in to the following; Platinum Gold Silver Normal
To subscribe to Digitel Social bundles, simply dial *175# and choose daily, weekly and monthly Social bundles

Digitel Call Centre Toll FREE Number is 100 and ANY Digitel subscriber can call this number for FREE

Digitel wishes to inform the public that you can now buy, swap at any of our Customer care service centers. For these purposes, customers will be required to present;

  • An original National ID (for South Sudanese)
  • Or a valid Passport (for foreigners)
  • Or a Refugee ID (for refugees)

In addition, the public is also required to take note of the following;

  1. New SIM cards cost only SSP 500.
  2. SIM card swaps are only SSP 500 and customers are also required to present a valid police letter that is no older than 15 days.
  3. Roaming SIM card upgrades or replacements are 20,000 SSP and customers are also required to present their current SIM card.

Please visit any Digitel customer service center near you for assistance.

Note: SIM cards will only be activated after verification.